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Map Info

AuthorGuillermo De La Higuera
GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added07-11-2001
File Version1.00
File Size1.87 mb
Player Count10-16
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating3.5
User Rating5
Overall Rating4.5
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerMister_ProphetAwe Score: 1.0/3
Date02-07-2003Build Score: 1.5/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 1.0/3
User Point: +1
Overall Score: 4.5/10

I saw the name of this map and I just had to see it for myself. I didnt see what I thought I was gonna see, but instead found a casual gothic map in the familiar style of DM-Gothic and the like. Ya know, those basic maps with the whole Shane Church thing going on and out of theme techno fight music playing. The author is a spanish-speaking mapper, but luckily I can somewhat read spanish (Yes, it is true, unlike the average U.S. citizen, the Prophet is one of those rare Americans who is *gasp* semi-bilingual).

The theme, like I said, is your basic gothic castle. The map utilizes the Shane Church texture pack and a lighting scheme which closely resembles that of DM-Gothic, only not as logic in some places. Lighting can be overused in some spots, but it is on the same level as the maps architecture and other design methods. It doesnt look original and is somewhat underaverage, but not by much. The music made me laugh, not because it is bad or anything, but because I recalled a similiar incident when I first played DM-Gothic for UT. You got a stone and brick gothic building with stone carvings of angels, black church demon women appearing on stained-glass windows, doors that bear the visage of a cruel looking cross, lava, and sky that looks like blood is flowing from the stars....and then as if at random, techno music is playing. Why not just add a slow track to fit the demonic theme? It certainly adds to the atmosphere. Imagine DM-Inferno for ut2k3 with NSYNC playing as players get shot off bridges and burn up as they fall screaming into the fires of hell.....actually thats probably what hell sounds like. Anyway, the theme is here, but doesnt really carry itself to any new level of awe, and the style used by the author is obviously skilled but lack the lasting impression that an average looking map might give. There is also an outdoor area which has some excessive item placement; redeemer, super health, rocket launcher with too many ammo packs placed right in front of it, ect.

Gameplay is ok, its a large map and bots put up a good game for such an arena. I found some spawn points a bit wierd. For instance, after that rat bastard Logue forced me to swallow a rocket during our dance in the maps main hall, I immedtiatly spawned on a wooden bridge, made an instinctive move forward and fell into a pool of lava. Bad place to put a spawn point. The author actually did a brilliant move with the lava, he made the pool instant kill. I know, youre thinking, "But Prophet, shouldnt all maps do this if the pool offers no means of escape?", well yes but sadly alot of people forget this, including some professional mappers. The outdoor area kills flow since it is one big dead end with a pool of water and random Unreal trees/plants scattered around. Plus theres a super health and a redeemer in there, not to mention a rocket launcher with a crapload of ammo placed right near it. Bots get snagged and confused out there as well.

The Prophets Verdict: Is this map ok? Si, y tu mama tambien. But it has enough problems in there to bring it a point below average. Give it a try.

Map Comments

05-20-2003 02:51 PM MDT
Rating: 6 
tengo entendido ke es de un mapper espaƱol. haber ke tal?
Dios mio Prophet eso ke has dicho de la mama de gillermo podria tomarse como un insulto sabes?


02-08-2003 11:48 AM MST
Rating: 2 
a 2 for the great choice of titles

02-18-2003 06:13 PM MST
Rating: 5 
yeah, Prophet, now you confirm you arent "semi-bilingual", you are just one more of the bunch that just knows english.. how can you insult guillermo that way? :P .. well nevermind.. decent map. Love that face that's the entrance to the outside area.

02-20-2003 09:09 AM MST
Rating: 6 
Hi vertigo

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