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Tue, January 22, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added10-20-2000
File Version1.00
File Size363 kb
Player Count2-4
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating8
User Rating8
Overall Rating8
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerQualthwarOverall Score: 8/10
DateNC2 11-02-2000

Every so often a map comes along that flows like water. DM-Anachronism is such a map. This is a small map, designed for a handful, and would be a nice online map since the framerates are rippin'.

This multilevel design should please you if you love z-axis, fast level changes, and enough cover to give you a fighting chance. I really can't say enough about how fluid the map feels; how fun it is because it offers a good combination of short and long-ranged fighting styles, and how the geometry dictates your make or break. Lots of catwalks, ramps, and some lifts fill the empty spaces. Beams, water, arched doorways, and trim highlight this work by Niles "skankey" Sankey, while a centralized room is about the only place that hides your view of these highlights.

The textures were mostly a blend of Nali Castle, and a Utech package. In some places where the lighting is just so, these textures work together. In other places, they look a little strange. The map doesn't look gaudy by any means, but the steel flooring and especially the beams look a little out of place. There is a night skybox, some good light fixture coloring, windows, wood, and lots of block.

The bots will wait to ambush you, ride the lifts, make long jumps from one platform to another, and not give up without a good fight. The item placement was very good as well: I like the way the health is adjusted, and the ammo is planned out well to work with the variety of weapons available.

The lighting coming of some of the fixtures are subtle and they add some welcome color to the map. The dark sky doesn't do much to light your way; this is left up to the myriad of fixtures and the blue reflection off the water. There are a bunch of ambient sounds, especially for a small map, and some music to get your blood pumping.

Map Comments

SirFraggedalot Rating: 8 
Hey, right on. Same score as I gave it for my review application. Too bad Luqado didn't post mine. Good map though.

Deathwing Rating: 8.5 

C.H.U.D. Rating: 8 
I agree, this is a fun little map.

Shock6822 Rating: 8.5 
One of the better maps in recent weeks. GJ skankey

Neural Genesis Rating: 8 
Hell has frozen over folks, I finally agree with a Nali City review. This map is terrific. Well worth my download.

David 'DAVIDM' Münnich Rating: 8 
plays goodm but some scaling problems and the textures pretty suck in some spots

Firefly Rating: 8.5 
very smooth and fast. architectually (no hope of spelling that) good. the only thing i would say is add two more bots and you're laughing. i hope that modem is already sucking this one down. da mutts nuts :)

garrett Rating: 8 
i like the layout for 1v1 or 2v2 kind of odd texturing sometimes but oh well it still looks good

Shambles Rating: 9 
Wow-->>FLOW, baby! an a kick ass lift jump! SeverHostPeople please put this in your rotation cause it is actualy playable an FUN!!

Ammo Rating: 8 
Textures don't go together right sometimes, but good flow and fun to play.

Luquado Rating: 7 
Decent gameplay, flow, items etc., but a pretty ugly map with poor lighting at the same time.

Blooddog_sweden Rating: 6 
Well,the textures are so ugly that I feel ill. The maparchitecture is very simple. But,good flow and the bots works well to me. I kept it on my harddrive for two days and played it two times.I got tired and played Seraphim instead.

Lustmord Rating: 7.5 
Seven thumbs up. DOH!

Venom Rating: 10 
On Hardcore it rulz! On Turbo it ownz!!

Platinum[STS] Rating: 8 
Nice gameplay. Liked this map alot. Nice flow, gameplay, and architechture. Woth the d/l

03-24-2004 05:13 AM EST
Rating: 8 
I agree with the reviewer 100%. Aside from a few strange texture choices, this map kicks some serious ass, and is fun as hell to play. Grab it!

05-20-2006 02:46 PM EDT
Rating: 7.5 
Like it. The openness can be a problem at times but still a solidly fun map.

05-21-2006 02:50 AM EDT
Rating: 7 
I dunno textures looking ok to me,but this map has just a few to many places to go,or through,up,down across.
Kinda funky layout, but it is a fun map to get down patt for playing .

05-22-2006 12:03 AM EDT
Rating: 8 
Another map that will forever be in my DM rotation. The stars in the sky look too tiled though...

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