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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added09-08-2001
File Version1.00
File Size944 kb
Player Count4-16
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating8.5
User Rating7
Overall Rating8.5
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerRabidWolfOverall Score: 8.5/10
DateNC2 09-30-2001

*) Info:

A 944 KB download for 4-16 players. (Reviewer's $0.02 is 8-12.)

*) General:

What we have here is a futuristic urban complex of quite some size. Z-axis action in abundance paired with killer flow.

*) "Worst":

Make no mistake: at a score of 7 bots are far from bad. Yet with all other aspects of the map being great, the pathing strikes me as the weakest link.

They go all over the place making great use of shortcuts cutting corners, but don't perform any special tricks. They don't ever snipe, which is a crying shame considering the map's layout.

Also, the Amp is on a pile of crates, two long jumps away from "regular" pathing, and while spectating them I beheld repetedly that they have major difficulties with the first of these two jumps. Thus they hardly ever pick up the Amp.

For whatever reasons the author decided to do without jumpboots, and he didn't even translocate-path his bots to get the Amp. =(

*) "Bad":

There could have been a greater variety in ambient sounds.

Considering the stunning architecture at some spots, it is remarkable how relatively low the polycount is.

Items were wonderfully placed in most cases, especially when I descovered the Invisibility I found myself clicking my tongue. Yet it is possible to pick up Amp, Shieldbelt, and Invisibility within a 5 second time-span...

*) Good:

Textures were very well applied, with just a very few spots where alignment could have been improved.

Lighting looked very, very nice. With appropriate cones and subtle flares here and there. Also shadowy corners for the campers amongst us.

*) Best:

Excellent thematic execution.

Architecture was wonderful, and quite some for the eyes. Accurate trim wherever you look. The layout as such is superb, with incredible Flow even along the z-axis.

Moving through and fragging in this AlphaComplex is astounding fun! =)

*) Summary:

Download already!

A keeper for me, though I still feel like kicking the author in the butt for not putting jumpboots on this map...

(As a final warning: It is no problem getting onto the "roof" of this map. While personaly I have no problem with that - matter of fact welcome such spots for a peaceful ciggie-break - I am aware that there are folks out there who don't like such much.)

Map Comments

DickyJ Rating: 7 
Nice map. Horrible sky. Not sure about those scrolling red lights.... Most places a little cramped for my tastes, but still a good map.

Hourences Rating: 7.5 
floorplan is nice, but some light and design things arent, the blue beam totaly doesnt fit the map for example, didnt like the middle part either but for the rest a nice playable map but no 8.5 though

Dr3553d2K1L Rating: 6 
Runs excellent, of course. However I agree about the red lights and the blue beam. A little too cramped in the middle. There were some memorable gameplay moments throughout the map, however.

Plat Rating: 7 
nice map. Not a 8.5 imo. Gets a 7 from plat.

MoxNix Rating: 7 
I give it a 7, it's a decent map, not a great map. Proper thing that "he didn't even translocate-path his bots" too. In CTF that might be a valid criticism, however, this is a DM map and translocators don't belong in DM.

07-06-2003 06:32 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
Come on people. It's worth the download and the hard drive space. i like the layout. who cares if the bots dont grab the amp? i, PlaysWithSelf, barely ever go for powerups. One head shot with a rifle does the job. And the sheild belt? that item almost ruined UT. it's too strong. I never bother with it. I hate people who do.

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