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Map Info

AuthorDavid 'DAVIDM' Münnich
GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added12-24-2000
File Version1.00
File Size2.78 mb
Player Count2-6
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating7.5
User Rating7.5
Overall Rating7.5
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerTwrecksOverall Score: 7.5/10
DateNC2 12-27-2000

the original Alcatraz looks ugly!

So don't email the author. Something to do with palayability, yada yada yada.

Now I have the readme disclaimer outa the way, let me fill you in on content.

First thing that will grab you is the textures. A combo of UTech1 (stop groaning) and Mine that blends with the imaginative architecture. The second thing is the two traps. That's right, two!. A gas chamber and an electric chair. I always prefered the chair, and it is well represented and often gets a bot with the shield belt for bait.

Now I did get some lag with my prehistoric 233, chopping up what would otherwise be good close combat. Distances are similar to DM-Turbine for a near comparison. A few weird floor brushes tweeks out any realism, as does the scaling and odd use of ventilation ducts. I'd like something done closer to the "ugly" original. I doubt this map merits its title other than the few gimmicks that make it prison-like. As for me, I'm busting outa this joint in search of a better "Rock".

Map Comments

Shambler Rating: 9 
This map is very 1337, one of DavidM's genuinely good maps along with Pahgio. 7 for Architecture?? Pah, have you see that outside bit by Rifle?? Fucking superb... I think you're missing the point Twrecks, this is not supposed to be a realistic prison that Real Maps would review and would work with Inf., it's supposed to be a very playable UT map with prison elements to give it a strong theme and good details.

Kain Rating: 7 
your score's spot on Twrecks, this map is nice to look at in places but can't decide whether it is a gimmick/realistic map or a hardcore map. As a result it plays like a small room-corridor map with some cool details but no cool gameplay.

Frostblood Rating: 6.5 
Traps are great, and it looks nice, but the gameplays nothing we havent seen before. Good gimmick map but not really a keeper

-=ViperJP=- Rating: 8 
One of David's finest maps. I like alcatraz.

Shock6822 Rating: 8.5 
It does look cheesy in places, but runs fine, and plays great

Metago Rating: 8.5 
I have now gained a little respect for DavidM's mapping ability

David 'DAVIDM' Münnich  
wow, I found a review worse than the agio and the pah one :D

HypErioN Rating: 8 
Twrecks? What are you? The president of all the worlds Retards? :D Its not the score that im pissed at, its the review! "Mine"...? "Mine"?!?!? There's no farking mine textures in this map! It uses Akuma's l33t oilrig textures... not Mine! Oh, and you cant review with such a system... No map is fun with framerates below 15, and i bet no map runs more than 15 fps on your rig... I mean, i can barely get above 20 fps on my old K6-2 400mhz/Voodoo2 system :P

Twrecks Rating: 7.5 
I probably should have worded that "the custom UTX is like...". I'll give you the 0.5pts Hyp :p

]BMR[VorLoN Rating: 10 
ONLY 7.5??? Hey the map looks great, plays great and is one of David`s best DM maps, along with Pahgio and Pah! PS: realism SUCKS!!! If you can biuld the map better than David, the 7.5 is ok.(but I think you can`t because it`s PERFECT) Keep on mapping David, waiting for your next map!

sprag Rating: 8 
This is one fine map. Play flow is hard and fast and I like playing this map with 5 or 6 bots jacked up to adept and all carrying tac op weapons. Great job!

Dai Rating: 6 
it looks nice and all - and the skybox is great. But the layout is flat and the traps are kind of boring. the textures are great tho, but that's Akumas doing, not Davids.

Olav 'MrFawn' Gjerde Rating: 7 
Dai, Its about how u use the textures. Im gonna use them for my TO map ------------------------- Layout is shit. A bit slow Good atmosphere Architecture is very good, lightning too

Claymore Rating: 8 
I like it, but I tend to judge most maps on how they look, not on how they play. :

Blooddog_sweden Rating: 9 
Everyone of DavidM:s maps are getting bad scores. This is a very good map.The lightning is not a seven it's a 10.The gameplay can be better but it's allready great. You are the man David!!!!

garrett Rating: 8 
i like

Krofinzki Rating: 10 
What are you talking about Twrecks?!??! This map plainly rocks! it has great arcitecture/design/playability and the Superb Textures! made by Rich 'Akuma' Eastwood! and man you need to get a new computer! UT maps do look ugly on a 233 (i know i still have one)

shad0h Rating: 7.5 
Should I try to run this on my P200 MMX, 64Meg, 8Meg ATI and see how it goes? I bet it's even MORE fun to play then. Nahhh, my PII machine is LOW end, my old pc is NO end. The old machine did run UNREAL 1 ok though.

Scourge Rating: 9 
Compare this to, say, DM-Helleth and tell me why it shouldn't have at least 9. Nice, if not perfect flow, good visuals, good theme. And it runs 25+ fps on my K6-2 300 with Voodoo II. Definitely one of the best maps out there.

FlakHarvester Rating: 7 
its one of M's best but that ain't hard. I don't get why people are loving this level so much, it is hardly brilliant. Twrecks on this rare occasion got it right, not that good!

Red Fox Rating: 9.5 
This map is Brilliant!!!Hello from Russia and Happy New Year!

Bones1198 Rating: 10 
He must have done something OWNZ !!!

Agent X Rating: 7 
My second fav David M map for visuals. Gameplay is ok for run and gun. 7.5 by the reviewer, pretty spot on.

Ramdole Kang Rating: 8.5 
I love this map! It's got that oldskool unreal1 feeling to it. Definitely one of David's best maps

Ammo Rating: 3 
a waste of time

Nemesis Rating: 9 
This map is up to the usual standard for DavidM. It flows, great textures, lighting and tough bots. What is your problem, Kain, with DavidM? You bitch about every one of his maps as though they are shit, which they are not. As a Nali City reviewer, you are shooting your credibility to bits, dude. Get some ideas on how to conduct a balanced review by going and reading CliffyB's Ownage site. Just so happens that three of DavidM's maps are there, including two you reviewed. I tend to think that CliffyB knows a little bit more about mapping than you, pal. STFU and review. Nali City and QAPete deserve better from you.

kyuzo Rating: 8.5 
This map's hot! Grab it now!.......I sure hope some servers start running it...And hey reviewer - ease up with the scoring a little eh?

Akuma Rating: 8 
I normally don't like semi-'realistic' maps much, but do like this level :) No way anyone could accurately recreate something like Alcatraz unless they spent a week there with a camera & sketch-pad.

Deathwing Rating: 8 
Lag is the only thing bringing this map down.

Joeman Rating: 9.5 
PAH! What were you thinking! This map kicks A$$!!!!! I wouldn't go so far as to say it's 'perfect' but it's damn near close! BLAA! I say! BLAA!

SirFraggedalot Rating: 8 
Not sold on the layout, but when CliffyB gives it Ownage, and Akuma gives an 8 for user feedback, its gotta be good since they really know about mapping. Richrig texture set owns!

xanyashi Rating: 8.5 
I don't see why this map got such a low score (especially compared to some of the garbage that has gotten much higher scores on this site) ... the layout wasn't too bad (i think pahgio is more fun tho) and the visuals are pretty kick ass.

Ulukai Rating: 8.5 

Requiem Rating: 9 
Maps should be first af all qualified by their gameplay! And this one... ROCKS! The Connectivity is excellent! (Did you ever think how fun can be running away from someone for two minutes because of being out of ammo, catching health packs and armors on your way, jumping over tables, on/from stairs...) An awesome map!

Master Tonnberry Rating: 9 
that's ass-kicking stuff!

=G3nocid3= Rating: 9 
His best map so far. I only don't like the gaschamber.

Zathlar Rating: 0 
Well this sounds like a cool map, but since the latest drivers were installed on my computer, something has screwed up my UT. Something to do with sound or another. So my score is N/A at this time and not a 0....but, like in those famous words: I'll be back...and give a score.

U2_RicAxl Rating: 9 
I think you made a great map. U2

Tom Browett Rating: 8.5 
the score of 7.5 might be ok, if you hadnt given the same mark to that peice of crap DM-Bedroom thing

Zed_Blacksword Rating: 8 
Everybody just have to play this fun little map! It's got another feeeeeeling than the other ones.(remember, feeling is good) A great map!

UT_Centurion Rating: 8 
Good map. I like Richrig.utx, but all things aside, this is a mediocre map on the scale of DavidM achievement. You people are too obsessed with David's '1337ness' >=(

Mike3894 Rating: 8 

Lophead Rating: 7 
I find the DavidM's gimmicky approach to this level would work great in a UT single player map. (perhaps something for the future?) You get that real immersive sense of actually being somewhere, kind of like in halflife.

BloodyL Rating: 7 
I found DM-Alcatraz quite a dissapointment, it's nowhere near DavidM's standard at all. If you take the DavidM's name away from it, the map would be just the same as every other 7 scored map made by joe schmoe. Try again DavidM.....

ryanbrucks Rating: 9 
Nice map. Pretty good looking, slightly more colorful lighting might have been nicer though.

cosmonaut Rating: 0 
Sucks Arse

Al ZheimeR Rating: 0 
This map sucks so much that i formatted my hd after playing it .

canadian-lizard Rating: 8.5 
Brill! This is a great level but may need some layout work and weapons in corners not in the thick of it but otherwise...I love it! P.s: I'll probably get some flack either way!

Hortons Who Rating: 6 
looks nice, plays OK... nothing new really and it got old after a few frags.

Fordy Rating: 7 
Umm im not really posting feedback on the map, more commenting on Nali City, Why so few reviews when you have so many map sent in ? By the way, I think DM-alcatraz should now be map of the year since its beem MOTW for so bloody long.

Lustmord Rating: 6.5 
Is anybody actually reading this far down?

Scorpio_911 Rating: 7 

[OMC]Xylander Rating: 2 
by the way nemesis:I agree that his score is unfair, this shit is worth even LOWER

Gladiator Rating: 7 
It runs on my PII 300mhz, 64 MB Ram and a Tridnet Ciber. -yeehaw-

FluXs Rating: 5 
[url][/url] ;(

08-06-2003 02:40 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
goody guty!

08-07-2003 06:14 AM MDT
Rating: 5 
... i tried... a long time ago... but i just CANĀ“T like it... god knows i tried...

08-24-2003 10:25 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
Did this come before or after the Jailbreak version JB-Alcatraz (it came with JB3 Gold)?

08-24-2003 05:02 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
fishdonuts: way before.

Not bad, but not up to the usual DavidM standard concerning the gameplay ;)

12-07-2003 03:38 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Wow i like the goodies!
But gameplay is almost good
sometimes you can not good trough the doors, and an bot shoots your dead

But this I want see more!:D
GoowD Job!

How you can say that architectural it looks bad?
hum, i don't think so ;)

08-30-2003 11:03 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Typical DavidM map. Brownish look, not that that's bad, and great gameplay. I really liked how the sunset was done. It was really fun with the WeaponLord mod on. Hell, everything is fun with the WeaponLord mod on.

12-06-2003 03:29 PM MST
Rating: 8 
...Nice one!

01-23-2004 05:38 PM MST
Rating: 7 
DavidM makes great maps. Unfortunately this isn't one of his best. I suggest anyone who thinks this is his best work should try some of his other maps, such as DM-Roon with lots of z-axis and great flow. Alcatraz pales in comparison. This doesn't deserve a 10 by any standards.

04-18-2004 04:42 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
I like the Alcatraz theme and especialy the electric chair trap. Its a good flowing DM map, but I think you could tell the sky box was a cube which slightly spoiled it. Apart from that its a fine map!

08-13-2005 02:28 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Wish I could go farther into the sea :D

Wonderful map, seriously.

Sir Xavius
08-17-2005 12:23 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Loved it! There are tight areas, there are open areas...the only thing missing are the secret chambers. Whether you're a camper or a fragger, you'll enjoy this map.

08-17-2005 01:13 PM MDT
Rating: 2 
ICH collision hull in the sky like an additional floor, you can walk the entire front of the level this way. Better testplay your maps next time. Apart from that a boring texture theme map. The "1337" LCD is not even animated. WHo do you think likes stuff like that?
Geometry is good tho, but I know you can do way better stuff (thinking of what you did in Operation Na Pali)

08-17-2005 02:27 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
nice map looks very good

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