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Sun, June 26, 2022
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Map Info

File Namedm-aggressivetendencies][.zip
GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added05-28-2000
File Version1.00
File Size961 kb
Player Count8-12
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating9
User Rating6.5
Overall Rating9
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerQAPeteOverall Score: 9/10
DateNC2 12-08-2000

Note: This is an old review, imported into our database.

This map rocks! Yeah, it takes a bit of horsepower to handle the poly counts, but Chris has put a lot of good stuff in here, and it's a real challenge to win a match, especially when you've got the bots at adept or higher. Layout is great, with auto-jumppads, a couple of moving platforms, ramps and many different ways to get to most places. Item placement is excellent too.

Bot action is good in this level, and they'll hunt you down just fine, thank you. The whole level is very immersive, as Chris has built a complex here that could actually exist for such an event as a deathmatch. Or, perhaps, I've been playing UT way too much lately....(grin). In any event, this one will suck you in, folks.

You'll use all of your DM skillz in DM-AggressiveTendencies, and this map would make an excellent team DM due to it's size and layout. 8-16 players will fill this nicely, leaning toward the high end. Don't wait around, just download it and see for yourself why the Unreal version won 1st place in the OzUnreal contest.

Map Comments

Agent X Rating: 4 

Paullywad Rating: 8 
Very nice map but not a 9. Too much health and I found the game flow not so smooth. But still an 8 in my book. Visuals, weapon placement, and bot play all very good.

Luquado Rating: 5 
This map was on rotation on a couple LAN parties I went to, and the basement area with all the columns was the most annoying area in a DM map... ever. I kept getting snagged on them. It's a decently CONSTRUCTED map, but when I play DM I'm usually looking for good gameplay :(

Akuma Rating: 5 
Not too sharp. Terrible layout and grotesque textures/lighting. Minus 1 for the readme's 'this map is all about flow' comments - it's quite clearly not :P

fragswill Rating: 0 
Probably the ugliest map in existence. After opening it for the first time, i spent 2 hours on the toilet throwing up :(

Kain Rating: 4 
messy... (the map, btw, not fragswills bowel problems) :(

Sen045 Rating: 6.5 
Sue me, but somehow I kinda like this :)

David 'DAVIDM' Münnich Rating: 0 

Nightmare Rating: 0 
I am starting to wonder if AgentX here has anything good to say about any map..... although in this case he is right. This map is the ugliest piece of ^$&*^%* I have seen. I just could not get into this map as I hit the lava every 5 seconds by lagwalking into it. Lagwalking: when you lag so bad that you move at a speed so slow you cannot turn in time to prevent walking off the cliff. This is referred to as pingwalking online. You can turn in time but your ping thinks it's funny to throw you off the cliff anyway. This map is bad to the thirteenth power.

Please read this thread in the forum: Cheers

Ryan Smith Rating: 4 
I agree with the one that says, "GARBAGE"

Jarrad Rating: 10 
this is not garbage, and to you ppl that said you think it's garbage i bet you can't do better... this is a crankin' map, and probably the best i downloaded yet.... and the wankas that say it's garbage, i bet didn't even download it.... at least give it a shot.

duncast Rating: 8.5 
a 10 Jarrad? heh, I agree, Its a great map, but far from perfect, too much health, the map ran very well, and those of you who complained about "lag" and "0 fps" must be playing on a Commodore 64. Great map, worth the download.

_UE_Hunter Rating: 7 
I'd rather play some DM-Frantic.

Deathwing Rating: 5.5 
This map was great when it was first released, but it got old fast.

shad0h Rating: 7 
My pII 350, 128Meg, ati rage fury 32meg machine seems to have plenty of "horsepower" to run this map. Ride the moving platform across to get the armor vest, then walk back to the edge and drop down one level. Press the big button against the wall and some sort of grenades lob themselves out to the area below. Try as I might, I couldn't get any bots to hang out long enough to blow up. If you're going to use a gimmick, make it a little more useful {I love gimmick maps like Titania}. Blasting bots into the lava out front more than makes up for this though {even though you won't get credit for the kill} Nice level.

SyphoN Rating: 9 
Come on.... give this map some props. I can't see how this map deserves anything below and 8.5; The flow is badazz, there is plenty of space, the item placement is great and the bots are vicious. It's a real looker too, lots of nice visuals. I was a huge fan of the Unreal1 version, and the UT weapon set and AI just up the ante. This is a great map, plain and simple, and well deserving of its score. BTW, all you folks out there saying there is too much health either like maps with NO health or are playing your bots too easy. I play on Masterful and usually break even with the bots fragwise. If you don't recieve as much as you give, up the setting on the bots. They're too easy for you.

Scourge Rating: 7 
Yup, it's pretty in places. But honestly, the flow's not THAT good...the sniper spot is virtually useless, and the fact that 9827598 grenades can be launched within 2 seconds from that trap doesn't exactly improve gameplay in the main area...It's still a good map though.

Blooddog_sweden Rating: 8.5 
I think this map is good.

Fran┴ois Rating: 6 
Not bad... I've seen garbage already, but this one's not, it's even good!

Hellscrag Rating: 8 
Let's keep this in context. It's an old map, and when it came out it was way ahead of the rest. The recent maps like Frantic & so on may be prettier, but this is a very good map gameplay wise. If you're lag-walking, find a decent server or play against bots ;p

Credulous Rating: 8 
How can anyone justify a 0 for this map? Even if u don't like it u can't possibly claim its that bad!!!! In my book its reasonable (especially considering its age)with decent architecture and lighting but there is too much health lying around. It's nearly impossible to die!!!

mr_reviewer Rating: 10 
I think anyone who don't give this map a ten is crazy.... i't BRILLIANT- i want more :p

Platinum[STS] Rating: 6 
could be better

hawk of war Rating: 8.5 
It was rather nice the first time around, but I found myself following the exact same path over and over again and never seeing a bot on it. It's not all bad but I'm ready for something new.

Leto II Rating: 9 
this map has something ... awesome !

11-07-2002 09:12 AM MST
Rating: 8 
To be quite honest with you, i like this map a lot. but then i haven't been playing UT for as long as most people.

11-07-2002 04:23 PM MST
Rating: 5 
very old map, and plutonic's new stuff is way better... just played it again after seeing that new comment. the lighting is horrible, and the rest isn't too great either, not completely horrible, but simply average. 5 as in 4.5, for now...

11-07-2002 10:30 PM MST
Rating: 8 
This map was great when it first came out, then I sort of burned out on it, so I guess that means I liked it. I found that this was the perfect map to try new gametypes on, though. Try Slavemaster on this puppy. Or Hoard. Or Gauntlet. Even maps that you think aren't the best for straight-up DM (and who plays that anymore with such cool mods?) might have potential for other gametypes. C'mon, people, UT is so much more than DM. And as to people saying this map is crap, try having a little respect. When someone takes time out of their life to build a map, try seeing something good in it. There's certainly a lot to see in Aggressive Tendencies.

11-08-2002 08:29 AM MST
Rating: 5 
first time I played this map I said WOW!! unreal lightning

11-10-2002 09:32 AM MST
Rating: 7 
It was a fun map when it forst came out, but its old man, old....

11-11-2002 01:16 PM MST
Rating: 1 
I played this map over and over again too try and find something good about it!! But nope nothing, this map stinks, its really bad.

06-28-2003 07:24 PM MDT
Rating: 5 
Not would be better if it would have more weapons and a bigger map size

07-20-2003 06:43 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
I'm a little late with my comment, I downloaded it months ago. Anyway it's worth a 9!

07-20-2003 11:57 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
I like this map a lot. Though I agree with the comments about too much health. There is loads of it! Also, the columns in the lower level and really annoying. Its very easy to get caught on them while moving around.

Still, the map is a lot of fun and I've seen worse. It plays well with bots to which is another handy thing.

08-12-2005 08:38 PM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
Very intensve map to play with instagib. team deathmatch is fun, especially 2v2, one guy mans the grande launcher area and the other covers him. It's gread, some real good times.

Although the grandes should count as a frag for the person who is controlling the grenades...

08-13-2005 11:19 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
This map rulezz..
I love to play it online and it flows very well..
There is nothing more to say about :)

05-15-2006 06:45 PM MDT
Rating: 6 
OK. I've neglected to comment on this map for along time. This was the first custom UT map I ever played and I still view it with fond memories. It just feels Unreal to me. As for awesome game play and

05-19-2008 04:14 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
One f****** good map. Flows well, enough weaponry and health, and very good bot support, those bots are about as good as bots can be. The only reservations I have are as follows:
-The external lift by the lava is way too slow. Using it detracts significantly form time spent fragging.
-High poly count, which is not a problem, but will slow some machines down, like mine if it's running slow.
-The damage amp and the keg 'o health are too near to each other. If one player gets both, all the other players are absolutely screwed.
Otherwise, a great map. Why are you still reading this? DOWNLOAD IT!

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