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Map Info

AuthorDavid 'DAVIDM' Münnich
GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added10-21-2000
File Version1.00
File Size1.34 mb
Player Count1-1
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating8
User Rating6
Overall Rating8
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerKainOverall Score: 8/10
DateNC2 11-01-2000

This map has a fantastic layout. But hey you already knew that, it's a conversion of a Quake level. This map also has fantastic visuals. Wow. This map also has gameplay that leaves you feeling as if all your close combat deathmatch skills have been thoroughly tested and stretched to the limits, leaving you exhausted but very very pleased with yourself. (if you won, of course :) )

This is basically one single big multi-layered arena with a few corridors placed at the side leading to teleporters or weapons. The item placement merges seemlessly with the layout, making the level flow like a wet fish on ice. Jump right to the bottom and enter a smokey room with only one exit and a pool of lava to get the rocket launcher, all the time running the risk of being trapped inside, or being knocked into the lava as you run for the teleporter out of the hell-hole. Detour to find the armour and below, the biorifle, which believe is one awesome gun on this level. Hop into the teleporter back to the top and shower the levels below with deadly green blobs. Even the shockrifle finds it's niche knocking opponents into unpleasant places. Some may say there are a few too many weapons scattered around, although I enjoy having a selection. There is only one problem and that is that the flakcannon seems to flicker in and out of existence, which can be distracting in the middle of a fight.

DavidM has not scimped on any architectural detail, adding chains, supports, curved ceilings, and crossed light fixtures where appropriate. There is little noticeable slowdown on my system but I think anything lower than a PII350 would suffer. Textures are mostly from Quake3 and playing this level with the recently released (legal?) Visor model for UT really made for a very Quakeish game. Which, in my mind, can only be good.

Bots walked all over me, damn I guess my deathmatch skillz are not what I thought they were. No, seriously, the bots jump from above, lob grenades round corners, trap you in the RL room and generally make life very difficult. This is one intense level. Download and prepare for one hell of an experience.

To Dave personally: make lava kill you instantaneously and sort out that flakcannon.

EDIT: based on other people's comments I've put down the playablity + therefore fun scores, as I do respect that other people have problems. But does it look like shit? No. Does it play like shit? No.
I will re-iterate: on my system (PII 400, 128RAM, Voodoo3 3000, all options max) plays well, the only slowdown is when looking from the ripper to the stairs opposite, but I didn't tend to go for the ripper anyway..

Map Comments

Shock6822 Rating: 7 

Ammo Rating: 4 
Plays way too slow on my 450. Looks good, but got pissed off from the lag and deleted it.

Kain Rating: 9 
hehe, I knew I'd stir up trouble with this one :) for those not into hardcore close combat fighting this map is worth about 3

David 'DAVIDM' Münnich  
DONT DOWNLOAD THAT PIECE OF SHIT!!!! everything is wrong at it.... looks like shit, plays like shit and so on

Akuma Rating: 7 
I don't doubt that Kain is so Hardcore he's a danger to himself, but he seems to have forgotten is that 'hardcore' DM maps live or die by their frame-rate. While there's some nice stuff in this level it's not a 9.5 by any means...

[--x--]LurkerBot Rating: 5.5 
this isnt a good conversion of the map. i like davidms maps tho.

Cranium Rating: 6.5 
Too slow

SirFraggedalot Rating: 7.5 
Good map. Looks good (but not Like Q1DM4 to me), plays well on my PC (Coppermine 650, 224mb RAM, GF2 MX 32MB). But the places where you teleport to are somewhat bad, as they are mostly dead-ends.

Dai Rating: 7 
I really like the architecture in this map. Especially in thoise curved corridors and the little details all around the map. the lighting is ugly tho :-

Luquado Rating: 7 
Looks OK, plays OK. Not one of Davey's finest offerings, however. Keep the framerates UP for a level like this!

Neural Genesis Rating: 4 
Way to slow to really deserve a 9.5. Not very appealing to me either, just didn't like the look of it, and its not very playable as again, FPS is just too low.

Asis Rating: 3 
DavidM = superb mapper This map = Useless layout. American McGee, you CAN'T map. There is 0 flow in this, despite DavidM's best efforts.

Theseus Rating: 8 
Very good. Runs like a dream on my machine, Duron@1gig, 256meg PC-133@144 and Voodoo3 3000, good to see that some people have the guts to push for detail. A worthy remake of a great map

PSYCOJOHN Rating: 8 
Very tight, fast paced map that won't let you rest! My favorite "fragatunity" was to let the bots follow me into a teleporter, outflank them and wait for them to come through, then let them eat flak! WooHoo, David, KEEP 'EM Comin' !!!

skankey Rating: 6.5 
"let the bots follow me into a teleporter, outflank them and wait for them to come through, then let them eat flak!" = BAD BOT PLAY This map sucks, but I'm sure Davey'll be back in true form soon (Both makin' sweet maps and actin' like a total dickhead :P)

FranÁois Rating: 6.5 
I didnt care for it. It looks pretty good, but the framerates blow. Did I miss something or did the score change from a 9.5 to an 8.5?

Ulukai Rating: 7 
Plays ok on my machine - so I probably had more fun than the rest of you guys with framerate probs. Still slightly dodgy flow, though.

Maarten Tops Rating: 9 
I love this map!!! This map was my favorite in Q1 and now it looks outstanding! And I don't give a shit about the chug!

crazy_roger Rating: 7 
Okay, DavidM is a great mapper, but in this map, there are too many useless things. The most important thing in deathmatch (in my opinion), is to have a good gameplay, and to play on my slow computer. I prefere maps with good flow, and poor architecture, because it's funnier !

Willis Rating: 8 
This map was good, detail was under-average, and yo dude named NOBODY, just to say, whats your problem? You dis everyone and every map ever...
I don't get it man, its makin' me mad, and I am sick of it. If you release a map, don't expect a good comment from me, or do you even map?

Sen045 Rating: 6.5 
C'mon Willis, it's not THAT hard to figure out who Nobody is :)

Blooddog_sweden Rating: 6.5 
One of the bad maps done by DavidM. I don't like this map.Plays bad on some computers.

11-27-2002 02:56 AM MST
Rating: 8 
Lets face it; this played well on my Celeron 466 with TNT2; people compaining about slow framerates must still be holding on to Pentium 90s. Buy a freakin 3d accelerator card already.I mean, this community will not thrive if all maps must be generic grey and black textures with as little detail as possible in order to satisfy all those hardcore gamers who are too cheap to go and upgrade from 64MB of RAM.Im not saying lets go DM-Chateau, but, *this aint DM-Chateau*!! The people above are whiners, ignore them. If you have a system which was manufacturer anytime in the last 3 years and you have at least 128MB of RAM, give it a shot.

09-03-2004 04:09 PM MDT
Rating: 0.5 
If this map has anything at all to do with quake1 dm4 please point it out,a perfect example of improvising an old map to the point of ruination,and i dont care how well it's built another totaly ruined map ,and it sure aint improved over the original.If this is what you guys call making a redo better again you all don't know squat.

"spirit of DM4" ? scrag I appreciate your opinion over
alot of other people ,but c'mon,this level should have no reference to q1 in it's name,not even close,on looks,on gameplay,nothing.

Ok let me refine the statement (on how to evaluate a redone level,specialy q1 maps)

ok a .5 just only because it works

But heres a quote from cursed on atrodeck .5

"hmm.. *sticks 2nd finger in mouth*
*holds it up in the air*

So wtf

09-03-2004 04:25 AM MDT
...but seriously a zero?

09-03-2004 08:12 AM MDT
Rating: 6 
Yeesh Redfist, could you BE more arrogant?

I'm sick to death of you coming on here and giving maps that have been built with some degree of vision zeros or zero-fives, then flaming everybody else when we disagree. "you don't know squat," you tell us, and yet you are FAR in the minority? Funny that.

Plus, many people here have been around the Unreal scene since 1998. How could we possibly not know squat?

There's a very obvious difference in opinion here. But that's what it is - a difference in OPINION. To come on here, acting all high and mighty, and saying that everybody else knows nothing is, as I said, EXTREME arrogance. It's also certainly not the way to make friends.


Regarding this map, it's ancient now, and the framerates are bad. However, the spirit of DM4 is definitely there, in a much nicer-looking setting. Not quite sure what I think of the Q3 textures DavidM used here, though.

There is no way a map like this deserves a zero. For starters, zeros should only really be given to maps that won't start up, and that's certainly not the case here. Then, if you look at the architecture, lighting and gameplay it's certainly average or above, and was very good at the time it was made, even if it's aged badly.


09-03-2004 11:42 AM MDT
Rating: 6.5 
sorry redfist, you re so wrong.

you really dont get it that some maps shouldnt be ported, like almost all your q maps.
they should be rebuild in a way that they are fully using the engine, David like lurker said did a decent job @ that back then.

and still 100 times better than you are doing now,
so how can u expect that we would give 9's to your maps and 0's to maps like these.

09-03-2004 06:26 PM MDT
is that so bad....?

09-03-2004 07:20 PM MDT
Rating: 5.5 
redfist, what people say here is true. Your maps are copies, davidm's is a remake. This map uses a lot of ut's functionality and graphics.

It's still not top-notch imho, since the lay-out hasn't really changed, and controlling the map is far too easy once you ahve the shield belt.

However, this is a very nice remake, without being a copy.

If you do (or did) your q1 maps this way, they would surely have gotten much higher grades.

And still, you should try and make one of those "stock map look" maps you hate so much. After all, it's easy to do for you, and i don't think you'd mind high grades, do you?

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