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Fri, December 8, 2023
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Map Info

GametypeUT Other
Date Added03-17-2001
File Version1.00
File Size3.82 mb
Player CountUnknown
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating7
User Rating6
Overall Rating6.0
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerIce-DancerAwe Score: 3.0/3
Date01-19-2005Build Score: 2.5/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 1.5/3
User Point: -1
Overall Score: 6.0/10

Bendervoicepack by Slyrr

“Bender (full name: Bender Bending Rodriguez) is a Unit 22 Bending Unit and was his mother's 1729th son born in a factory in Tijuana, Mexico. His father was killed by a can opener. Comprising of 30% Iron, 40% Zinc, 40% Titanium and 40% Dolomite, Bender later attended Bending State college where he majored in Bending and minored in Robo-American studies. He became a legend for his pranks while being part of the house Epsilon Rho Rho. Bender then took up a successful career in bending girders but tried to kill himself when he found out they were for suicide booths. He was saved by Fry and later took up the job of ships cook at Planet Express. His other pastimes include watching TV, smoking cigars and stealing. To be able to function properly Bender needs the chemical energy from alcohol, so excessive drinking is mandatory or he will become sober and unable to control his body. Magnets stuck to his head make him sing like a folk singer and his favourite drink is Olde Fortran Malt liquor.”

Well this is one of the funniest voicepacks there is. Featuring Bender out of Futurama, this voicepack contains 22 Taunts, 2 Friendly Fire messages, and 3 Acknowledgment messages.

It contains some awesomely funny quotes, which can turn even the most boring map into a fun filled frag fest

“Lets just pray I have the energy to get myself another beer”

“Bite my colossal metal ass!”

“Life goes on…except for you hahahaha!”

“I got a lock on him…yep he’s gay”

There is only one mature taunt, and it is filtered out if you have Mature Taunts turned off.

At 3.82 MB zipped, its definitely worth the download

Comes in Umod format, and also includes a new player model, with 2 skins, each with full teamcolours. The model is well animated, and the skins for it are pretty cool. You can see a picture of the bender model in the first screenshot attached to this review, and then compare it to a picture from the actual Futurama series. Its nice to be able to have a matching model (class) for the voicepack, but the voice can be used by any Male Model, or the Boss model, so unless you have the file which enables you to use any voice with any skin, you can’t use it with a female skin.

Bender seems to have been a good character to make a voice out of, he’s funny, an interesting voice (not exactly a standard military mono-tone). The voice seems to be loved by players, as I have heard it on many a server.

The sound quality was good, no static or background noise, and it could be heard amongst all the explosions and gunfire (as long as you have taunts on…I mean if you don’t have taunts on, you don’t really expect to here them do you? ;) ) A few taunts went on for a bit too long, and one other thing which annoyed me was that some voice messages where a lot louder than others

Most of the pack seemed to fit the game well, but there where a few taunts which didn’t make sense, I mean after killing someone, why would you want to say

“You killed my father and now you've come back for ME!”

You’d probably prefer more of that taunts which are like
“Bite my colossal metal @$$!”

See the difference…it’s a shame, as there are quite a few of these strange-don’t make total sense- sounds.

This voicepack is definitely worth hearing and playing with though.

I’m using a few idea’s from AMmayhem to score the voicepack (thanks for those :-) )

AWE – How was the voicepack itself? Was it fun to use?
BUILD – Quality of sounds?
CAST – Did it fit the game?

So the AWE/BUILD/CAST scores may be a bit higher/lower to a map review

I have tryed to combine the scores for the voice and the model, another reason they may seem strange. The author would have probably been better putting the model in a seperate zip or umod, as i know there are some players that refuse to install any custom models or skins.

Overall the voice is really fun, and the model is a nice change from fragging Male Commando's.

Map Comments

06-12-2003 07:17 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
If you like Futurama then you'll love this Bender voice pack! Download this now with the Bender Model for UT! :D

Also check out the Leela voice pack as well as that's just as funny as Bender's! (if not even more!!!) though there is no skin for Leela at the moment. She could easily have one made though for the female body Snake type people.

01-20-2005 06:01 PM MST
first voice pack review... ever!

Sicko Teddy
01-20-2005 08:55 PM MST
OOH! a voicepack review!!!!
OH YEAH!!! To me that mean-
I CAN GO AHEAD AND MAKE SONIC MODEL WITH VOICE!!!OH YEAH!!! I will definitely make him and post it up here!!!! stay tuned people!

02-03-2005 04:48 AM MST
Rating: 7 
hey sico, I would love if you make a sonic model!!!

I like this voicepack btw

John DiFool
02-03-2005 01:06 PM MST
Rating: 5 
5 is for the voicepack, the model deserves a 10 (funny
death screams, and an absolutely hilarious animation
where he takes his head off and spins it on his finger).
But the voicepack only used taunts through the first
two seasons, has no Other or Orders, only 1 FF, and as
said in the review some of the "taunts" don't really fit.

Over the past several months I've crafted an update using
clips from seasons 3 & 4 (plus some criminally neglected
ones from 1 & 2, such as Bender singing "I'll be
blasting all the humans in the world!"). If there's
interest I'll upload it...

02-03-2005 05:49 PM MST
Hi John, im pretty sure there would be interest, it would be nice to see some extra stuff in this pack, as well as a bit of polish on some parts. I'm sure that as long as you give credit to the original author (if you are using this one as a base) then everyone will be fine with it - some people will complain, just because its a chance to complain, but its pretty easy to see who they are and ignore them :)


02-16-2005 07:32 AM MST
Rating: 0 
d/loaded it/ran it computer froze

re-installed UT...ran voicepak again.....look above

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