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Mon, June 27, 2022
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added01-16-2001
File Version1.00
File Size3.88 mb
Player Count10-16
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating8
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating8
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerTwrecksOverall Score: 8/10
DateNC2 03-19-2001

Unreal meets Capture The Flag

Every once in awhile, Someone asks for a review that is of a map that truly deserves recognition. In this case "Shock Systems" CTF map Underdark single-handedly occupied my Sunday night and here I find myself writing the review Monday morning. Is it as good as all that? Let me give you the low down.

From the readme (please rename the txt file to match your map name ppl)...

UnderDark is a fantasy adventure kingdom where the blue base, 'Shadow Keep' is at war with an evil ancient cult know as 'Cult of the Damned' (Red Base)

The map is an assymetrical layout as seen in the pic from Ued. The Red Base is alittle tighter and smaller than the Blue Base making it easier to snag the flag and make your get-away. Playerstarts also favor the Blue side defensively and Item placement aswell fall easier in Blue hands on the long approach through the many corridors and narrow bridges.

Aesthetically, the entire map is very pleasing to take in. Polys remain low and the aura is distinctly Unreal. On the Red side, red hot lava glares upward beneth every parapiece. On the Blue side, scything green acid waits to slime those who are cast down. Between the two bases, caverns, caves and convoluted hallways borrow from each base and add superb visuals from either direction. There are several opportunities to cross routes and throw off pursuers due to the layout of the connecting architecture. Ambient sounds reinforce the eye-candy to make exploring all the more fun.

The Schema:

Fun: The stunning imagery and seat of your pants gameplay work together to create a very enjoyable match. Even to a point where losing wasn't as bad.

Playability: No slowdowns and plenty of spawning kept gameplay alive. Coupled with the fun factor, this map has what's called "gaming goodness".

Bots: Ouch, I played with 15 for a total of 16 players. Bots did better than me in attacking and almost as good in defense. They assault the other base in groups and frequently use the translocator effectively.

Flow: Multiple routes and verticle possibilities requires some learning. Sometimes turning around and using over-head routes will cut distances or cap that special pick-up.

Items: Well thought out and fairly balanced. The Blue side has it a bit easier with a minigun/armor combo and a thigh-pad/rocket launcher combo, opposed to the Red's Flakcannon/thigh-pad/Armor combination.

Theme: Consistancy and varity, typically at odds are unified in presentation here.

Architecture: Lots of trim and z-axis freedom. All with the nastolgic flavor of Unreal.

Lighting: Not overly good, light sourcing and ambient brighness contradict eachother so that contrasts are washed and colored light is used for effect rather than used where called for. The recessed hall torches are the most obtrusive example of this oversight.

Textures: Lots of minor misalinments, usually on faceted surfaces such as cielings. A good smattering of masked textures and a wonderful sky-box top off the well selected application that typifies this map. One beef is with the peaked roofs of the Red Base outrig spires, a better choice here please for sure.

Sound: Yes, plenty of ambients and a custom Music Track smooth out the experience to a well rounded map. There's a one place that I couldn't decide if it was a Bat-Box or a Rat-Cabinet, perhaps some doors should remain closed.

So as another work day stares me in the face, I would say Underdark captured my lost sleep 3-0. My advice, choose Blue for your team color, never leave your base without several bots infront of you, and don't wake up my wife :)

Map Comments

BangOut_[EH] Rating: 8.5 
Maybe 8.5 is a little high but I'm such a sucker for SS

Shock6822 Rating: 8.5 
Back on track I see twrecks ;) Good score And Bangout farts loud

Snow Rating: 10 
OMFG, This map is complete OWNAGE. Download....NOW!

Aegeri Rating: 8.5 
Yes this map owns.

duncast Rating: 10 
FREKIN BRILLIANT! flippen heck, LOVELY wow, I dont useually write comments, but this map O - W - N - S!

Seeker Rating: 9 
One of my current favourites. Consistent theme and some cool architecture in between the two bases. I had some problems with the music track though... seemed to start up and then die. And then start up again... endless loop. Has this been fixed in an update? Or is it just me?

luna Rating: 6.5 
i have no fun with this map. the layout is too busy and complicated for my taste. i'm always lost. i prefer symetrical ctf-maps. ctf-projectX is so much better.

C.H.U.D. Rating: 8 
Great map! Jeff Randall ownz!

Jeff 'Monger' Randall  
Thanx very much for the comments all, and I bet Bangout even farts louder with a chick! JK :)

eggyNJ Rating: 9 
I say good level boy :) It rocks too much!! I got slightly pissed off as the f-ing music doesn't play right, but you can't have everything.

Plasmodicspazulator Rating: 8 
A good all-round CTF map. Nice atempt at making variation in the bases, symetrical CTF can get boring after a while. It would be nice to see some bigger outdoor areas but ya can't complain, this map is quality :)

Dragonheart Rating: 9 
This map is awesome!!! The layout is a little bit confusing but the theme and the graphics make this map a absolute winner ! Get it now !

Fordy Rating: 8.5 
Brilliant map! By the way eggyny, the music meant to be like that. Its so you can hear the ambiant sounds & not UT's default 'menu' music

The Dopefish Rating: 10 
This should be in CliffyB's 0wnage.

sextech Rating: 8.5 
Holy crap this map is convoluted! Twists and turns! I had trouble just finding my own flag! I love the Healthpack placement, always one where ya need it. SHOCK SYSTEM IS UNSTOPABLE! Keep up the l33t ass mapping man! This stuff is HOT!

FragL Rating: 7 
Did anyone notice that glaring Hom in the sky and spots where you are constantly snagged. Texture misalignments and such. ctf-shader is far better. this map isnt bad, but its no ownage.

_UE_Hunter Rating: 7.5 
Not an 8.5, but an accomplishment if nothing else. I enjoyed the theme for the most part, but poorly chosen textures sometimes stood out and almost screamed 'change me plz'. The layout is complex, which is sometimes hurtful, as a wrong step usually results in a face full of some damaging liquid, which is intensely annoying when being pursued and therefore walking backwards. I'm looking forward to their next release. BTW please make skyboxes without those awful-looking villages that are non-paralaxed and therefore infinately gigantic (little pet peeve)

Kain Rating: 8 

Metago Rating: 7.5 
Bit confusing, looks different (in a good way :p), what's with that stupid crazy hallway? 7.5

Blooddog_sweden Rating: 7.5 
Good, but I'm not sold. Waiting for PX2!!

Krazny Rating: 9 
I really love this map. It has an great layout, great theme, great gameplay, great sounds, etc. Has made me play UT a few hours more.... Fantastic map "Shock S." :D Keep Up the good work.. It's a real Yeehaw! map

Akuma Rating: 6 
messy as hell but with it's own unique and often interesting style.

Lord Jon Ray Rating: 8 
I liked this map, and it didn't take me long to get hooked. I give it an 8. Gameplay is fun, but I felt there could of been better defenses at the bases, its just a little too open once you get there. But then I like to see effort put into scripting out little original devices. Like a drawbridge that can be activated on a timer to remain closed for so long, forcing the attacking force to regroup and find another route. I posted this same review on another map, but this is the one I was reviewing for..

Gladiator Rating: 9 
This map is really good! I like this map as much as Face! (Download it)

-=YSA=-Venom Rating: 9.5 
This map really kickz ass!! Tha graphics are smooth and nice.Both bases are not easy to defend with the multiple routes to capture the flag. Bots play well in this 1. This one is defenitely 1 of my favorites.

kill Rating: 9 
This ctf map is fucking amazing becouse of it's textures, sounds, playability and everthing!! (YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD!!!)

Geddy Lee Rating: 10 
9.875!!!!! It's almost perfect, the only thing that I didn't like about it was it was too small, but thats hardly something to complain about. Great with Infiltration!!!!!!!!

05-12-2003 10:48 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
this map is just cool. nice flow, cool decoration. all in all nicely done.
only the umx is about 30 seconds long. :-S

did u know this one??
homer simpson (8-{})


05-12-2003 02:48 PM MDT
Rating: 5 
eyecandy is a plenty here. but as for layout and ease
of play its rubbish..yet again to much effort on
a 'lets look good' map, its nothing but walkways
spinning you around. sorry just my likkle opinion:P

05-23-2003 09:09 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Layout is certainly different, if not confusing, no central area, just several different routes. There's almost too many routes really. Architecture and lighting is done well. Download and see for yourself.

05-10-2006 05:22 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
The bots kick my ass hard in this one. I've lost about as many matches as I've won here, and that is a rare thing. Not only that, but the flow is great and the architecture is absolutely phenomenal. The only gripe I have is that attacking the blue base seems extremely difficult at times; perhaps it's just my mutators. This is certainly a permanent resident of my Maps folder.

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