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Map Info

AuthorEl chicoverde
GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added04-05-2001
File Version1.00
File Size8.77 mb
Player Count12-16
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating8
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating8
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerKainOverall Score: 8/10
DateNC2 04-06-2001

First impressions: Massif. The ambience makes it feel like a single-player level almost, like Unreal only better. It takes a while to get used to playing it though - for some time the map is confusing as hell and it is easy to get side-tracked exploring the thing, or frustrated at the lag.

CTF-Shadar is all about the atmosphere, baby. Textures, the lighting, the sounds, and the sunset combine to create a work of art. Still I am finding new routes between the bases, or rediscovering routes I had forgotten. It can comfortably fit 16 players, and probably 24 or more. This level redefines the meaning of huge, but each part looks like it has had the same high amount of care taken over it. The terrain for starters is excellent - never too open so as to make the match a snipe-fest, and always providing opportunites for Z-axis fighting. The caves - similarly stunning. The castle areas, including the bases, are also well-made and look convincing. All the different parts merge seemlessly and the level just flows 'right'.

The level is a pain to navigate at first, but that is inevitable given its size. There are multiple routes between the flags, and the level is fun to play - it is not excessively hard to enter the enemy base, and bots provide a challenge, taking alternative routes some of the time and chasing you down when you get lost while carrying their flag (which I did frequently to begin with). Obviously they are never going to be as tactical as a human player but they cope with the layout and at least keep you occupied. I found no serious flaws with item placement (some are half in the ground but it's forgivable) - the shieldbelt allows you to survive a little longer on those flag runs - and while there were a few small BSP problems and the odd strange black shadow on the ground I was surprised at how well El Chi has engineered this level. I would advise anyone playing this level to fly around a bit as a spectator first, a) so that you get a feel for the level and learn where the bases are and b) so that the engine loads up most of the level, reducing loading during play. Point b) is very important because Shadar is so big and detailed that framerate is an issue at first, but once the entire level is cached the problem does, for the most part, become minor. Even then it is still difficult to use the sniper rifle in close quarters, and there is one area which chugs because of the poly count reaching 300, but mostly it is playable at least.

This level rocks, and so it is getting a very high score. The playability part of the schema is the most influential part after the Fun factor in deciding the final score, and that is what is stopping this map reaching way up there in the 9s. It is not a low poly tourney map, so don't expect that - morelike it is a showcase of what can be done with the Unreal engine.

Map Comments

Someguy Rating: 7.5 
10 for lighting and 9 for sound? gah? still a good map but meah

Dai Rating: 7 
heh.. what he said ^^^ - too bad that it runs like shit tho :

Platinum[STS] Rating: 8 
awesome strategies could be used in this map. runs bad, floating items, a bsp hole, big download. Awesome detail, Awesome outside area, cool statues. If you have a fast computer and the time to d/l it, then you wont regret it. VERY GOOD MAP.

BangOut_[EH] Rating: 7.5 

[--x--]LurkerBot Rating: 7 
too damn big. ran surprisingly smooth, i was expecting much worse. people need to stop whining about this map. i give it a 7, and a damn good 7 at that. *almost* epic quality.

Kain Rating: 9 
Do the break-down scores mean that much to you? Actually here I did a neko - the architecture should be 10 and the lighting a 9. Doesn't change the score or what I think of the map.

[OMC]Xylander Rating: 5 

Varpu Rating: 9 
The best CTF map I ever played. This one would make a good anything, except a DM map =O). You guessed right, I do not like CTF-Face .

Chris_Snow Rating: 10 
Beautifull. Absolutly beautiful. I wish we had more mappers who were as artistic as you :).

Piz Doff Rating: 8 

thx to all pple i hope u liked the fact i tried something original and oh: dai, i owned u tonight!! hehe el chico

valiant2 Rating: 8 
Outstanding visuals, but the lag is pretty bad imo. Great lighting and sounds. Great landscaping job. Good architecture. Too big though i thinks.

Dan 'cyberg][dan' Waters Rating: 8 
badass map. It lags like a biznatch, but what do you expect from such an amazing map? Virtually unplayable until we all get 800+ processors. but soooo f'in beautiful.

Hortons Who Rating: 8 
Excellent. I agree that this is a stunning example of what the Unreal Engine can do in the hands of a talented and caring mapper. I didn't even find the flag the first time. Playing on a Mac G4 450, 256. No fraggin' lag at all here, smooth as glass. This is a map built for tomorrow and the author should be commended ( then hired by a gaming company looking for 1337 work)!

Metago Rating: 8 
Beautiful (although I'm sure some of that has something to do with me never playing WoT :p)... Layout is deceptively simple as well

Nightmare Rating: 8 
OH MY GOD! It's awesome! So what if it lags a little on my system, it looks good, plays good..... tremendous mapping job. 8

skankey Rating: 7.5 
too many narrow corridors in the base :/ bots got hung a couple times. Other than that, fuckin awesome terrain and some nice visuals. good job

Teowulff Rating: 9.5 
The minute flaws are easily forgivable on this gorgeous BIG map! Ideal for big LANs!!!

Michael 'Bot_40' Rippon Rating: 9.5 
One thing, how long exactly did it take to do a complete rebuild. I get annoyed when the compile time gets above 10 mins.

Twrecks Rating: 10 
Worth the wait? Uh, yea. I think so :)

=G3nocid3= Rating: 7.5 
I WANT TO GIVE IT A NINE! But the framerate drags this map down. 7.5

Calatine Rating: 9 
This is a great map, despite the download size and framerate. I had a decent frame rate with my TNT2.. which is supposed to be a mid-level vid card... -The level itself is awesome tho, the architecture is very detailed and makes for a great 16-32 arena (albeit no server could support it...)

Turboman Rating: 8 
damn good flow, for its size. didnt have any slowdown.

Lophead Rating: 8 
I think there should be minimum system requirements for reviewers.

MatthijsM Rating: 8.5 
This map looks very cool and it's very detailed. A bit too big but with much players it is very cool with much tactics. UT excists for over a year now, so maps between 200-300 are really not strange! Come on mappers, more high-poly maps! CliffyB says he wants more high-poly maps too, check his ownage site..."elbow room"

Everyone Rating: 9.5 
Yeah, min. system requirements would be a good idea. However, I those people who experience lag REALLy need to start forking out money for quality computers. I ran the map on my K7-650 with 128mb RAM, and a Voodoo 5 5500, and never once did I notice the framerate drop. But here's the thing: my computer is pretty damned outdated! (and I'm upgrading soon) So if yours doesn't run it well, it means you DEFINITELY need a new one. As for the map: I loved it. It's now among my top 10 maps EVER for UT. I give it a 9.5 (want to give it a ten, but can't, because it's not perfect due to little things like items through the floor, and junk like that)

FragL Rating: 10 
10! I will admit that this bad boy made my P3 733 do a double take and start to sweat, but considering how incredibly awesome ever aspect of this map is, it has to be a 10. if playablity is hurt by the system hog that it is, it is made up for in the fact that the flow and ease of navigating the level are unmatched. Fricken Kudos!

[DxD]Hobbes Rating: 10 
This is the best map i have ever seen. OMG it must have taken so long to make but boy it is worth it. It should be a Tribes 2 map cause of its size, but it would be great online with 32 players cause then u could actually use stragy intead of random people attacking u could go in groups. This map deserved map of the Week cept it was probably too big. Anywho it should have been a 10 baby!

Akuma Rating: 8 
Cool map chico - after looking at all the garbage rated higher than this one (with a few notable exceptions, e.g. lucius) I hope NC's going to be having a spring clean of it's CTF section sometime...

Polygon Rating: 8 
Great argitecture and lightning. Did not have that mutch of a framerate problem with it. I don't think those "Forsaken" and "mordeth" textures are legal, you should be carefull with that.

player868 Rating: 8 
haha some people think this is a 10 there is no such thing as a 10 maybe a 9.5 but no 10 its really good so i give it a 8

Gladiator Rating: 9 
I good theme and a very high fun factor.

kries Rating: 9 
lovely visuals!

Krazny Rating: 9 
Don't know why you people all complain.. I have a PIII 500Mhz, 32 Mb Ati Rage Pro, 128 Mb RAM. I have no lag at all in this map. This map is really!!! great. Fun to play with MANY hiding places 2 take out those damn computers...or humans.... Huge Bow for the great El Chicoverde cause of it's great architecturing.. :D

SHYBOY Rating: 8 
I give it an 8 because the map's just too big. While flying around checking out the map, the polys sometimes reached up to 1100! The framerate in Walk mode isn't bad though for such a big map, I was able to pull off an average of 30FPS with 7 bots, on a 128MB Ram 633MHZ 32MB SDRAM Radeon.

tomsASS666 Rating: 7 
Looks good but is far too big for its own good

Whotookmynick Rating: 9 
Great Big huge map, had to download it at school where I have T1 access, my 56k would take forever! The only time this map lagged for me was when I was looking up at the big castle thing in the center and could see the whole thing. That brought my FPS down to about 20. But other than that it runs smooth with 16 bots. In case you're wondering I have a P4 1.5Ghz with a GeForce 2 GTS DDR and 512 RDRAM. I know my computer sucks huh...... :)

KronniK_PAIN Rating: 9 
This map runs too slow for you guys? It works OK on my P2400 with 256MB RAM and first generation TNT video card. Perhaps you need to update your video card drivers. (?!) Having the latest drivers makes a HUGE difference! Anyway, this is a VERY well made map IMHO. Good layout with many routes between flags to chose from. All in all a very nice looking map which is a refreshing change from the usual one route CTF maps. At 24MB(unzipped) it is a HUGE file but well worth it if you like large CTF maps with lots of detail. Excellent job El chicoverde. Thanks for the effort!

Deathwing Rating: 8 
This is BIG........and awesome. :)

CowGod Rating: 10 
Awesome CTF map, keep em coming chico

Torval Rating: 4 
This map looks really nice...but as a player of Wheel of Time, this kind of archecture is nothing new to me. It is awesome to see nice stuff in unreal though...not that Unreal isn't kick-ass already. If you all like this kind of stuff, I suggest you come on over and check out some of our maps :-) There are some AWESOME user made maps, and every Legend made map will remind you why they are the people making Unreal II. However, as Polygon said, stealing textures from another game is a big no-no. Even if he only exported a few of them and then imported them into the actual map, rather than using the entire texture package. This is a big-time mistake, and can get many parties in trouble. One being Nali-City for distributing the map....

-xSsHocKRx- Rating: 9 
biggest map livin on my HD. Chico and Shock Systems must have fun competing with each over with best terrain maps with Projectx2 out from shock

GambitMR Rating: 9 
Well .. k .. only 80 FPS @ 1280x1024 on this map in average (Lovin my Voodoo 5 and that UTPT tool :)= ) but I'm wondering ... what machines are you playin UT on?

Olav 'MrFawn' Gjerde Rating: 5 
10 FPS playable????????????? uhm........err.... 60-90 is good 200-300 polys is not the same as 800-1200 nodes and it takes 2 secs to make a 3000 poly terrain map SO SHUT UP U MOTHA FUCKA BRAINLESS ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!

Antony Cain and Carlo Sozzi Rating: 5 
I can appreciate what you are all saying but a map that looks good and plays s**t might as well have not been made. Don't get me wrong he is obviously one of the best users of UnrealEd but he shouldnt be wasting an awfully long time making something that big! He should be making maps that people would want to play if it was on a server with a map vote.... Nice work but not my cuppa tea :)

duckt8pe Rating: 7 
A friggin beautiful map to look at! If only I could create architecture as good as this! lol :) Just a shame that it is a) way too big, making it unplayable (mostly) b) has a big effect on frame rates! I know some of u lot would consider my PC 'ancient', but if it can run the standard maps fine, then why should this not? My PC specs: AMD K6-III 400MHz, 128MB RAM, Voodoo3 2000. So, I recommend to D/L this map for the visuals, not for the game!

01-28-2003 03:16 AM MST
Rating: 8 
Absolutely incredible. Damn I wish I had a faster machine so I could run a bigger game on this map. Even if you are not a WoT fan, the map is interesting in the multiple lanes of getting there, getting back, and the multitude of weaponry placed throughout the level. Two reasons it isn't a ten in my book:

The lanes are crisscrossed so much that it will take awhile for anyone short of a genius with a good bit of intuition and a direction sense of godlike proportions to not get turned around at least ten times in their first game. While it's great to always find a new area, there comes a point where it's frustrating to not even know where your own flag is and having to follow a bot around to get to their flag.

There are a LOT of vials here, and 199 health at all times is a very likely thing. Personally, this is not a good thing for me, as it makes me too powerful. Maybe in an online game it would help a lot, but against the bots I play against... well... it sux.

Otherwise I'd say the map is very artistic, the bots are good at what they do (which is provide an annoyance unless they're Loque), and I've still yet to find every area and memorize it. Well done Chicoverde, wish there were more maps this intense.

02-15-2003 04:59 PM MST
Rating: 7 
Great level eye wise, but confusing to move, i got lost, i had to put on ghost to actually see how everything was set up :( overall worth downloading if you want to see some cool looks to a level, but for the true CTF player get something else.

04-04-2003 06:43 PM MST
Rating: 10 
Awesome Map! I am Not Kidding!! One Of The Best Map i never seen!!!!!

04-07-2003 07:23 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
you guys with slow computers, well sorry...
anyone with a fast computer should download it. its even fun to walk around alone. this is obviously the most beautiful map I ever seen.

04-07-2003 06:57 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
'Cause it needs a 1337 rig to run => 9
otherwise a 10:)

and with 1337 i mean 1337!!!
My P4 2GHz 256MB DDR ram GF4440MXSE needs about 2min to load... :s

04-08-2003 05:12 AM MDT
Rating: 8 

HOHOhohohoHaHHA!!! Try running this map with the grandfather P2 333mhz in Software Renderer Mode..(512/blah res/9 bots on high)
Then u havva big,big problems..big map,nice nice look..also run a P4 2.2G/128mb NVivdia thing but it works fine on that.Didn't like item placements though..?

04-09-2003 12:33 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
It's pretty good.

04-23-2003 07:28 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
Big. Too big.

05-22-2003 11:29 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
WOW! I'm a sucker for outdoor maps, but they're usually too long, and I get killed on the way back with the flag. This map is long, but you're able to carry the flag back more safely. The terrain looks the most realistic out of all others I've seen. Just download it and see for your self.

06-19-2003 05:38 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Largest of any UT map I've ever played. Period. It's a very fun map for LAN parties, once everyone knows where the hell to go. You can speed up playing this giant by flying through it before starting the match, to precache the entire level. Then, lag won't affect you much while playing.

SUMMARY: Cool map! Well constructed and, in case you havn't noticed, extremely large.

The Wolf
07-08-2003 12:38 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
Large maps are the best!

/* me wipes away the drool hanging from chin */

07-08-2003 07:02 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
I am impressed, if not awe-struck by the size and beauty of this map. the map generally slows down here and there, but that doesnt matter. The maps are getting larger, and it seems as though i am going to have to revise on the terrain ED for my Patriot mines project. Dont worry, Omega DMF will take note of this impressive build, and use what I learn to bring triumph to every one of my maps! Dont expect too much from Town, as the bots only seem to use one path..damn. Good map overall! :)

07-08-2003 07:15 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
The largest CTF map I've ever seen is CTF-MetalMilitia:
now THAT'S huge. [Isn't on Nali City tho] This one is
a good one of course (and unlike other huge maps like
MM doesn't have vast unused or superfluous areas). I
have to take off a bit for the lag tho, and gameplay
isn't the _best_ I've ever seen (a shade too easy to
defend IMHO).

07-09-2003 12:13 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
Minionofdestruction and Difool
I still think FacingGiants is the biggest, but let's leave that alone.
Great map, too big and I love big maps.
Otherwise, I like it.
Great mapping, if you could try to work on the items not being in the ground and a lil' smaller, and it could easily be a 10. Great job.

07-09-2003 08:59 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
Simply one of the best CTF maps ever made!

10-17-2003 06:23 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
this is born to play over and over...

12-13-2003 01:15 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Actually... its a pitty that it's so big. Gameplay is not the strong point here. I would love to see this map SP or even better: the theme (and size) applied to a diferent AS map. :(

12-13-2003 11:34 AM MST
Rating: 9 
i cant say anything that hasnt been said but BUY NEW COMPUTERS so u can play this gr8 map if anyone rates it below 8 there an idiot

12-13-2003 08:37 PM MST
Rating: 9 
=) : this map makes me feel less worried about my death sentence! great job!

12-17-2003 12:24 AM MST
Rating: 8 
this map is huge. Really nice map, but its too big.

12-17-2003 07:00 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Yeah, this is quite big, but it's got a great theme, plus bots are good. Still one of the best CTF maps ever.

12-18-2003 12:48 AM MST
Rating: 7 
The Map is huge, with good theme and good bot game, its a little complicated until you find your way around
giant good map.

01-22-2004 07:27 AM MST
Rating: 7 
A classic example of graphics over gameplay. Most of you guys have rated this map on looks alone. I got bored being lost most of the time, wandering aimlessly trying to find the red base only to find myself back at the blue base. If it was written as a Single Player campaign for the OldSkool mod and had objectives, then it might be worth a 10. But it's just way to big for CTF.

Eddy Merckx "The Ripper"
02-02-2004 09:17 AM MST
Rating: 10 
WOW! what a beautiful map, my favourite CTF, just for the lay-out
even better than last crusader, i think (personally)!

07-30-2004 08:33 PM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
Good map idea nice big outdoor area, bad graphics wierd floating items....And for some reason reminds of me ctf-kosov one of my favorite maps.

Very good map to play with the big freaking hatchet mutator that come with weapon lord mod..

09-28-2004 12:06 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
In my Opinion , This is the best CTF map of the world
Chico t'es le meilleur !!!!!!!!

08-19-2005 03:30 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Since I commented on some of his other work I figured I should come in here and score this one too. This is easily worthy of a 9, and it's my second favorite UT CTF map of all time - CTF-LongWalk being the first.
- Deathbliss

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