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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added08-14-2000
File Version1.00
File Size875 kb
Player Count12-16
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating7
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating7
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerTwrecksOverall Score: 7/10
DateNC2 12-20-2000

Ah... What's up Doc?

Breaking from the realism trend and showing us that wacky can be fun, is this two castle map
torn from Saturday morning cartoons. Paul 'TAZ' Mader is also responsible for maps such as DM-Vocant and the more recent Vocant][. The Architecture, textures and lighting are very similar
to the Vocant maps, which is to say good stuff in this style.

Basically only two routes exsist, one over the drawbridges and and around the side of the castles, and under the drawbidges and around the back of the castles. The castle's wild lines extend inside to the flag rooms and into a cool cave to launch your Redeemer from. Bots do fairly well, but the recommended player load of 12-16 felt cramped. 8-10 allowed decent weapon coverage and enough company. Only play this at its max with ppl who know how to make use of the sniper post in the towers.

Other mentionables: SoundFX also plays a nice role throughout, good tones and locations. The only thing I could see out of wack was the clouds racing by a bit fast. Overall it will be the extreme visuals that win this map a place on my hard drive. Well done TAZ, and keep up the excellent work.

Map Comments

SirFraggedalot Rating: 7.5 
Fun stuff.

Blooddog_sweden Rating: 7.5 

C.H.U.D. Rating: 7.5 
I like this one a lot. A fun, exciting theme. We need more original maps like this.

Deathwing Rating: 7.5 
What they said....

BangOut_[EH] Rating: 7.5 
holy shit we're all agreeing

DarkRanger Rating: 8 
wonderful map! great!

UT_Centurion Rating: 8 
It deserves an eight. I'm glad that this guy had the balls to put a crazy idea like this in action. I've had plenty of good and bad ideas along these lines , but I was too chicken s**t to put them into action, hehe. :)

Fordy Rating: 8.5 
Great Map !! When I first saw it's cartoonish looks I was put off a bit, but thankfully, I had to download it as part of a server rotation. The attention to detail, the bats squeaking, the bridge creaking & the spooky ethereal SFX make for a brilliant & welcome change for what would otherwise be 'Just Another Castle' map.

Zed_Blacksword Rating: 9 
Vid G–ran Perssons flint!(sweden) This map rules..Another favorite, and I ain't joking! One of the coolest castle map ever! Nice moon!

Seeker Rating: 7.5 
Fun map with a unique look. I would have given this an 8, but there is a nasty BSP hole on a stairway going down near the flag room. It's very noticeable sometimes.

Ebola Rating: 8 
Oh my GOD! Everyone at Nali City likes this map! (whimpers) Hold me mommy, I'm scared!

Dan 'Lockheed' Genovese Rating: 8 
Lot's of fun, great sounds, nice twisted look

Oblivion Rating: 9.5 
This map is better than some of the CTF's that came with UT. There is something for everyone in here, but you have to actually earn what you want. Incredible bot action on Max Load, Adept and up, beautiful map!

Ares Rating: 7 
nice map

Asis Rating: 8.5 
Yep, I like it as well! The theme and architectural originality really bring this baby together. (Cue Dai and fragswill, who will diss map)

Everyone Rating: 9 
It's not perfect... but I love this map! It's so refreshing over the stupid old city levels, or crap like that. I also like the DM level he made (can't remember it's name) this guy really understands the word 'ambiance'

Neural Genesis Rating: 8 
Are we even allowed to Agree?

Krazny Rating: 9 
Whooowheee !!! what a GREAT map!! Nice grapics & soundseffects and a damn good theme. I enjoyed playing it (even against bots! ;) ). Nice going TAZ. Keep up the good work!! It's a real Yeehaw-map! :)

Shock6822 Rating: 7.5 
MMMM...Looney Tunes bases....

Teowulff Rating: 9 
Beautiful, simply beautiful!!

11-02-2003 06:48 PM MST
Rating: 10 
Great map. ¿Anyone knows another gothic or medieval CTF map similar to this one or Vandora?

Wesley "Boreas" van Dijk
12-20-2004 05:06 AM MST
Rating: 8 
One teaching point for the author: Place a damaging zone under the whole thing. Now, when someone is shot off the map, they fall to death, but if they have the flag, it just stays there for a while.

The looks of this map are great though :)

03-22-2008 03:05 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
es un mapa excelente :)

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