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Map Info

File Namedm-deck16]i[.zip
GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added11-15-2005
File Version1.00
File Size483 kb
Player Count2-16
Map DescriptionI take no credit for this map as it is basically still Deck16, I made this map for a friend who is the admin of the House of Chaos server and was sick of the original over played deck. Since he is a big fan of Fetid I kinda combined deck with fetid style tubes and added some connectivity to the map.
I uploaded this map against my better judgement(Knowing most people are sick of deck remixes) but all the people who played it on server said it was far better than the original so here it is.
Review Rating --
User Rating4
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

11-16-2005 08:07 PM MST
Rating: 7 
I like it, it keeps the original intact but it feels like this would be the actual finished version, unlike the stock version.And I mean how the geometry was added or changed, pretty cool.

I dunno , I just happen to think it's a cool map now.
It also lets you FINALY walk around to places you couldn't get to before, in a logical flow.

Oh, and play this before anyone goes off on a "deck" map rant.

It is burning, your fingers are burning and waiting to play this map LoL.

11-17-2005 04:29 PM MST
Thanks for the comments Redfist, it is kinda amazing how a couple minor changes can make such a major difference in the flow of the map, plus the tubed hallways are better for all the spam monkeys out there.
I was going to fix some minor bugs and maybe retexture some of the plain stuff and add some more details before uploading, but scince no one complained about any of those things I decided it was good enough as is.

PS. Redfist you can find some of your better maps on my friends server too plus a bunch of other custom maps.

EDIT: LOL, read the map description, it clearly says I take no credit for the map, and how the hell could anyone but a noob to UT get lost in deck even if it was all one texture?

11-16-2005 06:42 PM MST
Seriously. Burn Deck with fire. BURN IT ALIVE.

11-17-2005 09:16 AM MST
This map is below average for one reason IT'S NOT YOUR MAP. You just didn't change enough. Ans the halls are too similar you just don't know where you are.

11-17-2005 04:18 PM MST
Rating: 0.5 
messing with a classic = suicide.

come on, using a classic as a base for your map is just asking for a slaughtering..

11-23-2005 06:43 PM MST
I'm not going to rate this map, because the original was made by epic.

Basically, what has changed in this version of deck16][
- Some hallways have narrowed. This might be a good thing, I seem to recall many people complaining about the open nature of the map. Yet, others seem to call that an advantage. tastes...
Some hallways have, imho, become cramped now though.

- The dead ends (most) are indeed gone, and it does give a slightly better feel to the map.
I don't know if the bio rifle near the newly created dead end is a good idea...

- A few health vials were added in one corridor.........that's all I can remember... otherwise, all items have remained on the map. Some were slightly relocated, to fit the new hallway structures.

Otherwise, the map still has the same horrible textures and lighting. Why can't most people understand
that deck16 has horrible lighting?
The well known arguement is "well when I play I play and don't admire the looks of the maps etc etc.."

But it's horrible. Epic did a real bad job on this map.
All those dreadfull puke-green areas, those dark spots around corners.. not to mention the lower part near the shockrifle. The blue lighting almost makes you want to stab your eyes out, and the red lights create the effect of someone who's taken a radioactive dump...
Something like that.

Well, it's epic map and they did the lighting and looks.

I just wished they wouldn't have been altered as well. There are probably similar, but better, texture sets. The light really need to be toned down. This isn't 1999 or 2000 anymore, UT has evolved.

It's honestly just another deck16][ conversion. So much more could have been done to this map...
Gameplay is important, yes, but so are looks imho.
And deck16 could soooooooooo much benefit from better looks, so much it hurts =-)

Next time you make a conversion, cover all the aspects of the map. Add more detail as well. Those hallways are so empty...

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