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Thu, February 29, 2024
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added01-26-2005
File Version3.00
File Size1.79 mb
Player CountUnknown
Map DescriptionThis map follows my previous maps design (ctf-melcastle), kind of "castle-manor"-type textures.
With 4 kickers, 2 lifts and 2 teleporters there is quite a few different paths from flag 2 flag...
Review Rating --
User Rating3.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

02-20-2005 02:31 PM MST
EDIT1: This zip should now contain the screenshots...
EDIT2: Took a while 4 me 2 find the "edit map info" button...
Should be ok now...
Thx Hourences 4 your trouble...
EDIT3: Thanks for comments :)
I almost miss "CursedSoul1" and "RedFistOfFury"´s encouraging comments...
EDIT4: to "MartinW" : I have NOT stolen "everything" from Undying, bits and pieces here and there...(given credits to the undying mappers in the "readme"-file) and it is the RESULT that counts, isn´t it?
- The creative part of making a map has to be in the overall compilation of different elements imho and not in the skill of making 3D objects or am I wrong?

01-27-2005 06:12 AM MST
dude , why you dont add screen shot right now?

WOW , i must be dreaming , SOH_ghost rated this map a 5

01-25-2005 02:28 PM MST
I tried to email you 3 times and all mails bounced.

We cannot edit your zip like you asked, you must or a. completely reupload the map using the update process or b. better in this case, add the screenshots yourself via the Edit map page button you have on your right side.

I noticed your post account wasn't associated with your author account so it may have been that in the past you weren't able to edit your maps pages but that should be fixed now. So try, thats what the edit map page is for

02-19-2005 01:42 PM MST
Rating: 0 
Shots look a bit better than your previous works, but they still need a lot of work, especially lighting and layout...
@ MartinW - is that so...? Well then... stealing things is a bad thing. => 0

01-26-2005 06:11 PM MST
Rating: 5 
hmm...getting better! i think i see...a shadow! :p
ok lighting is improving and so is layout/archi, so im givin this an adverage. not below, and not above. i had a bit of fun with this one!

01-26-2005 08:11 PM MST
I can see a big improvement Mel, keep it up.

01-28-2005 03:03 PM MST
cool , better than all your other maps

01-28-2005 08:34 PM MST
I just wanted to say that Jonny's first maps got bashed to death, they were really bad, but even after some improvements he still gets bashed, Jonny never flamed if I remember correctly and thus find it sometimes unjustified, now it's all fun and games? O, well, I see a lotta new guys to.

I'll check the map later.

GreetZ XepptizZ

02-19-2005 08:19 AM MST
Rating: 0 
Hey guys, I know you thought that Mel finally succeeded in making a map that is not completely crappy. I thought he really tries to improve his skills.
But we were all wrong.
He stole everything from the entrance hall of the manor in Clive Barkers Undying.
Mel, aren't you ashamed?

02-20-2005 02:07 AM MST
Rating: 6.5 
Ah,is that the area ware you go behind the steps,and doors that werent open till you made it out from the top door,in undying?
map should still not get zero's thats still not right .
I am only posting a score this time ,to rebutt the damn zero posts.I did not play the map.

02-21-2005 05:03 PM MST
Rating: 0 
After eternaly mapping crap now starting to rip from other games and thinking noone would notice... THIS is poor.

[edit] I've said nothing against getting ideas from other games, and MartinW didn't, too.
But ripping and then passing it as as his own creation does not deserve anythnig else but a zero. (Well, actually, it DOES deserve something else, but a zero is the worst we can give him...)

02-21-2005 02:51 PM MST
It isnt that bad that he takes idea's from other maps,
or even copy/paste stuff.
Its better if he just looks at the stuff from other games/maps and try to improve em.

Imho a zero is to low and kinda childish.
mel keep on mapping, try to improve yourself though :)

05-21-2006 11:22 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
I have not tried the map yet but I rate a 10 for some balance with all these "zero-raters" posting their comments on Mels maps...

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