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Mon, June 27, 2022
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added12-16-2004
File Version1.00
File Size2 mb
Player Count14
Map DescriptionAgain another map in "medival castle" -like design. Lots of "kickers" and stuff.There is a number of different paths from flag to flag...
Fast gameplay, instagib mod. (of course)
Review Rating --
User Rating5.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

12-23-2004 03:54 AM MST
Just wait and see huh?

still the same stuff, not impressed.
To make it worse, you added a mylevel.utx THATS BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD, really mel.. learn.
add your textures in the mylevel imbedded in your map, not in a mylevel.utx, melskull or meltex.. becouse you added a mylevel.utx other maps will f*ck up, and the engine will have problems with this. (not enough to make it crash most of the time)

I advice you to add all of your textures in the mylevel (you dont have to save the mylevel.utx since its imbedded in the map itself, but since you dont listen to anybody and still not using any tutorials you still make stupid mistakes)

give up or learn.

i waited.. and it seems i waited for nothing...

again your lighting is washed,
you have a room, it has windows, through those windows you see a skybox, when you exit the room you walk trough a hallway that leads you on the other side of the window..
so how in hells name can you see the outside trough the window, when there is supposed to be a wall from the hallway....

you got tonz of bsp-holes and hom fx, you just slapped half of your brushes in the map without thinking (i can tell by the way they are placed (halway trough walls etc)

this map deserves 'the finger'

and ignore redfist, we all do.
*cough* we dont pump a lot of maps since we put a lot of time, though, detail and love in our maps*cough*
and we have personal lifes, school, college and work.
also there is something like personal problems.
but since you are probably only fictional you dont know about stuff like that.

also red:
This is prove that you talk without using your brain.

edit: actually.. why am I even bothering...
/me takes some tranquilizers and will ignore tards and their maps from now on.

deleted the useless harsh stuff.
just map, and have fun mapping :)
thats more important. :)

12-18-2004 11:03 PM MST
The screenies look much better than his other maps.

Cursed is too criticle
Getting tired of such know it alls why aint you guys pumping out awsoome,killer,high quality maps faster ?

If it's so talk the talk,but one map uploaded from you aint doing it man.
And this "no time excuse" hell your so good you should make maps fast,but still you have only one Atypical ut04 map on nalicity bagh.........

12-16-2004 11:15 AM MST
screenies don't tell the whole story....

12-16-2004 03:33 PM MST
and please, please use spectator mode for your screenies, so we dont have to look at the stupid weapon.

12-16-2004 05:11 PM MST
i agree whit curesed souls , you can at least make little efort importing in MyLevel package ...

It is true , School ,College , mapping is just a pass time , i totaly agree

Evil Snack
12-26-2004 05:05 PM MST
Mel, Mel, Mel, Mel............People have told you improve your maps! it dosen't matter how Fast you make them..... What matters is how Well you make them.
The next time you start a map, spend some time on it!

See Mel, you just made me go into Cheesy Football Coach Mode! Thats how much I want you to improve!

Edit: Right on petrus! He is getting a bit better, but I'm really just agreeing with the fact that you like CTF-Warrior....

12-16-2004 10:25 PM MST
Rating: 3 
I simply must reply to redfist... You want to see the "critical people" pump out some more maps. Therein lies the problem! Unreal mapping is, unquestionably, a matter of quality over quantity, and quality takes time. End of story.

Now, for the real stuff...
The first word that comes to mind with this level is "clump." Why? Because everything seems to have been heavy-handedly mushed together. To be fair, some of the textures were kind of nice, although often missaligned, and decoration seemed random. Gameplay became a ten-second capture affair once I found the underground tunnel, and the previously mentioned window-into-hallway thing is also a problem. Of course, the utter lack of pickups is a pain as well and the bots had all been dropped on their heads as children. Sigh, every map deserves a fair judgement, even if the reviewer regrets bothering afterward... :-)

12-18-2004 06:44 PM MST
Great, just great, another typical NC discussion gone sour, keep it up guys, it won't take long before people start to avoid coming here... oh wait, that has already started...

12-19-2004 03:38 PM MST
Rating: 6 
Good map man. But need some bot pathing ajustment, and not enough health and so on. But if it is for instaGib, them it is all right.

12-26-2004 02:20 AM MST
Thank you for comments but special
thanks to Cobra6,(my highest rating ever on NC!)
Yes it IS made for Instagib, as all my other CTF maps are.

This is NOT what you´ve been waiting for "CursedSoul1"...

I hope I can make it before 2k5...

Well I KNOW I can impress you Cursed, but not in the way YOU think... just wait a little longer.... ;)


12-22-2004 03:34 AM MST
Screenshots don't look as bad as you guys are saying.

And whoever keeps requesting these maps to be reviewed by me...well stop it:)

12-22-2004 06:13 AM MST
LOL, redfist, you should really use your eyes, fingers and brain, cursed has more maps than you think lol, just search/visit his homepage.
(wtf does vladderbeest mean??)

You are just too lazy to really look around you and learn.
And I feel bad that I share half of my name with you.

as for this map, It looks ok but it's still not what I expect from ut maps in 2004.

12-26-2004 11:55 PM MST
Rating: 7 
I downloaded this map myself, and I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. It's true that the textures could use some work, but considering I still can't figure out how to make decent custom textures myself, I'm definitely not going to trash anybody else for attempting to make them.

From a conceptual point of view, I really liked some of the architecture, although when I opened it up in UnrealEd, I thought it was true what some people have said here that Mel possibly rushed it a bit, as a number of the brushes overlapped with each other. I liked the sliding platform things though...cute little novelty there, and not enough people think out of the box with movers, unfortunately. The map is also a bit too cramped for my own personal tastes, but that's only because I tend to prefer fairly large, open air CTF that's nothing against Mel's execution of this one.

I hope Mel isn't put off by the reception this map got, though...because even though it might be true that it was a bit rushed, I liked a number of the ideas I saw here, and so I'd like to see any future maps he puts together.

I give it a 7 for the aesthetics, some of the concepts, and the overall interest factor, but the texture issues, BSP snags, and small size of the map meant it was really a curiousity only for me...Not one that I'd actually play on a regular basis, I will admit. Make it a fair bit larger and fix the BSP problems though, and that would probably change...I like the existing architecture. I try and look at a map also from an overall perspective, not from any one particular angle.

EDIT: I just went through Mel's map history, and for those of you paying attention, he *is* improving...this map is actually quite a radical improvement over his previous work. There is a definite evolutionary pattern here I think...and if he keeps going, he will eventually become a solid mapper. Keep trying, Mel...You'll get there. Download CTF-Warrior if you want an example of the type of CTF map I really like myself.

EDIT: quillion...I guess that's my point...that I don't think this map IS exactly the same as his previous attempts. I looked at your stuff, which is interesting...some nice brushwork. With MelCastle though I saw myself why reviewers say that ignoring the grid is a bad thing.

12-26-2004 07:00 PM MST
Petrus, you said 'he *is* improving...this map is actually quite a radical improvement over his previous work. There is a definite evolutionary pattern here I think'. Not to be a bighead or anything, but take a look at my maps from the start.
That is what i call a evolutionary pattern.
From total crap to, well half decent.

What most mean here is that he has had DOZENS of good mappers, give very good advice. Mel seems tobe ignoring it all and just making the same quality tbh and now people have just give up! Oh and merry xmas everyone;P

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