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Mon, June 27, 2022
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added10-10-2004
File Version1.00
File Size1.5 mb
Player Count14
Map DescriptionSmall map with fast gameplay.
Inspired from the start map of Quake,
This is version 2 :)
Review Rating --
User Rating3.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

07-15-2004 03:04 PM MDT
... game screenie looks start of Quake :p ...

07-15-2004 11:57 PM MDT
Rating: 2.5 
Alrighty then... Half point for running, and another two points... well, just 'cause. To prove that I'm not totally unfair, I will admit that this map could be ammusing for clans or folks who just want a quick, crazed match. What you get are a couple of rooms with skyboxes that appear to be from "Face." You can get between the rooms by jumping through a hole or over some small gaps. Yeehaw! The absence of weapons or sounds and strange oddities (like small panels textured with a moving moon and spikes sticking out of walls) will turn off people looking for a masterpiece map, and horribly annoying flickering light coupled with unjustifiably low framerates will keep them away. 'Nuff said. Sorry Mel, but I need more to my maps!

07-17-2004 08:13 PM MDT
Rating: 0.5 
map is small which is ok, but it has no flow or feel to it. the worst thing is that pool of whatever!
1st you see a skybox under it but nothing to keep water in:s have a floor. btw your maps preformance
is real bad.

07-17-2004 03:00 PM MDT
Repeat after me, kids. Flagrant abuse of dynamic lighting is a Bad Thing.

12-16-2005 02:51 AM MST
Got it, thanks 4 comments...
We have a lot 2 learn yet...
btw, U CAN get out of the pool, (wich has a glass floor)
there is stairs...

This was an old version of this map, I have uploaded a new better one (I think) check it out(please)...
I think the old one should be removed if possible...

Edit: And now it is...


Inspired by the "Start-map" from QUAKE.

Changes since the first "edition":

- Dynamic Lights are now off, giving the map
much better FPS.(Thanks 2 comments at NC3)
- New textures gives the map a better look.
- A couple of "holes" in the walls.
This map is a part of the "MelsoftCTFmappack" and
runs on:"MELSOFT Instagib Custom Maps":
I hope this is an Improvement from the first map....
All comments are welcome good or bad.

11-19-2004 08:29 AM MST
Flagrant abuse of dynamic lighting is a Bad Thing.

Mel! You haven't changed your map-pack's logo! We suggested you remove the guy fingering and the mouths inter-twisting! Such graphic images discourage most to download your maps!

05-21-2006 11:17 AM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
Nice, fast map - good for Instagib..

Servers With Map in Map Rotation

MELSOFT Instagib Custom CTF

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