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Tue, January 22, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added12-29-2005
File Version2.00
File Size225 kb
Player Count2 to 7
Map DescriptionSnipers are on top of poles only,
but the idea is, there is only one way to get the sniper rifles.Goto the center of map to teleport to the respective colored pole.
Theroeticaly if you aimed at the center pole and get headshots,you would allways win the match everytime. All the player starts, are 4 in each corner of the map.
But thats not all, being that all 3 teleporters are around a small center beam, you can teleport around to each side of the map (each pole) Really Fast.
But don't think your safe up one the poles, by added 2 low grav tubes (wich I endlessly tried to make bots work) to get to the upper outer ledge,

you can go off pillars to ledge as well.So each version I tried to make so you never feel safe, watch your back.

This was my first map way back, and is fun, you may like it for 1 on 1.
I know the map is primative, the placement of the rocks in the floor were thought out for onfloor-accros snipeing action.
ADD; I added this map back because it's a cool map idea, and to keep it with that UT2004 version of this level.
Review Rating --
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

12-30-2005 01:57 PM EST
dude, why did u re-submit map? Now i have to repeat myself....
With over 8000 maps on this site u gots to step up a little more than this....

12-30-2005 06:45 PM EST
Why did the comments get swiped? Didn you re-re-submit it?

EDIT; Well, unless it has some major updates, I don't really understand the reason for it. Time only seems to change POV's and scores in a negative way.

12-30-2005 04:59 PM EST
LoL No, I re-sent the map once, but it kept all those old comments from the past after it was re-added.
So I asked to delete ALL the comments, so all that old stuff was gone.

02-06-2006 07:26 PM EST
Rating: 8.5 
ooo, neat map, nice screenshots.... could you help me get some screen shots on a map that I made?

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