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Sat, March 2, 2024
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Map Info

GametypeUT Domination
Date Added06-24-2000
File Version1.00
File Size625 kb
Player Count8-12
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating7.5
User Rating7
Overall Rating7.5
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerTwrecksOverall Score: 7.5/10
DateNC2 09-13-2000

Its a sexy space station. Ya baby.

Now behave before I push you off.

This map delivers dom good. Somewhat deathmatch with control points, even you gibmasters who only live to frag can enjoy this map set in the void of eternal night,
and disco lights.

The Control Points, all three:

Legs of Venus Love the name, hate trying to defend it. On the lowest level perched over nothing, you get the idea.

Arms of Mars Do I detect a pun? Located on the second tier flanked by two wierd light fixtures, Approach is limited and so is the pickups.

Wings of Saturn What, do you have a lisp? Rings of Saturn or Wings of Mercury. The Wings of Thaturn even. Anyway, This CP is in the tunnel a top the main structure. Typically you'll enter on either end and leave in small pieces.

Yes I will explain everything:

FUN I have to admit to getting engrossed in combat over capturing CPs. The only not so fun part is falling off into space while manuvering during a heated melee.

PLAYABILITY First off don't go for the recommended player load, start at six and add for your system. Firefights are difficult enough online, why would you want to make a map play like it off-line.

BOTs They will dominate, use the nifty lightning bolt into a pool trap, T/L about, use the jump pad and basically will be holding the whip and wearing the high heel boots. Like I said, deathmatch with control points.

FLOW or go space trippin'. Everyone will either be running mad or reduced to giblets in the vacuum of space. A few details will snag you, but the layout is easily learned even if it covers alot of, ahh... , space.

ITEMs A good mix, alittle heavy on the health, especially after grabbing ol'big bue and T/ling up on a limb for the Shield Belt does this really sink home. Now if I can just make it to that Armor above me while snaking ahalf dozen vials on the way can I safely use the redeemer for hand to hand. *Humph* Weapons on the other hand felt scarce, well with 9 players anyway.

THEME Okay, what about some low gravity already. We are in outer space are we not? Other than this personal preference, it's a space station tourney style. An amusing text file explains the reasons.

ARCHITECTURE I suppose if this was the first space station I've seen it might be considered pretty well done, however the sky box is half baked and the structure itself doesn't serve up a believable meal even if you do get some eye-candy for desert.

LIGHTING What is with all these colored lights and humongus lense flares? Casting false team colors on BOTs is a major no-no. Stuff is happening to fast to stop and ask "halt who goes there?". Don't confuse matters by painting players with team colored lights. Atleast the light boxes were used tastefully.

TEXTURESThe hyroglyphs were a bit StarGate, otherwise nice. Ooh except for that sky box thing. I think the dynamic textures are bogging the frames down. How about a rolling panarama like in Phobus or something that looks more like space. The trap was the best part, well exicuted, or should I say, electricuted.

SOUND Please, some custom music people, I know there's better songs for space stations, the one from Fetid Sewers just doesn't cut it, maybe something more techno, yes. Not alot of ambients either. You know, the hum of those lamps blaring out those humongus lense flares, the bleeping of the manitory circuit control boards, etc.

Overall, get a flu shot, you will spend some time in the cold of space. while the BOTs dominate. With some funky music and better lights this map would play all night, Uh ha.

Map Comments

Deathwing Rating: 6.5 
Annoying at times, just plain wierd. Fun for a bit though.

03-29-2008 09:56 PM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
Map is well built and runs without problems. Your enjoyment depends on how much you like space stations with a couple of jumpads. Worth downloading and trying out.

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