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Trendy Entertainment Hiring For Unannounced Project

Trendy Entertainment, the folks behind the amazingly addictive and popular Dungeon Defenders, are on the hunt for a few new talented individuals. Check out the job posting below and the concept work as well. If you're up to snuff, send a resume and portfolio/demo reel to evilmrfrank@yahoo.com.

Trendy Entertainment is currently looking to hire some onsite Environment artists skilled in High Poly modeling and asset creation to work on our upcoming (unannounced) game. We are looking to fill onsite full time positions only so applicants must be willing to move to Gainesville Florida. Applicants should have experience working in a team environment, whether it is experience in modding or professional work. We are looking for somebody who is self-motivated and that can get on their feet quickly upon joining the team.

Environment Artists:

  • Required Skills:
  • Working knowledge of Maya, Max, Photoshop, or similar 2D/3D software
  • Experience importing assets into Unreal, including setting up proper collision, and lightmapping
  • Great communication skills
  • Must be capable of working according to poly and texture size restraints
  • Skilled in next-gen texture creation, including Normal and specular maps
  • Must be able to adjust to fit a desired art style set out by the art director
  • Preferred Skills:
  • Experience in Zbrush
  • Previous industry experience

UE3 VFX Artist:
  • Required Skills:
  • Proficient with Unreals Cascade and material/shader systems
  • Proficient in Photoshop, including the ability to hand paint sprites
  • Must have an understanding of performance related to VFX work in UE3, including LOD's
  • Understanding of skeletal animation in unreal/socket VFX composition
  • Great communication skills
  • Preferred Skills:
  • Previous experience working with Level Designers on environmental VFX passes
  • Previous industry experience
Please email all cover letters/Portfolios/Resumes to evilmrfrank@yahoo.com! Only emails including proof of previous work (Resumes/Portfolio/Demo Reels) will be considered for these positions.